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Lumvie is a user-friendly, one-stop hub for anyone who is considering developing, launching and maintaining their very own online courses. If you have an idea for a course and don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Lumvie is here to help take your vision of creating and marketing an online course and making it a reality.

Who is Lumvie for?

Lumvie is for anyone who has the desire to turn their knowledge or skills into teachable and profitable courses. Lumvie is ideal for those who have an idea for an online course but don't know where or how to start. You bring the ideas and knowledge and we’ll provide the blueprint, skills and resources.

Why is Lumvie different?

The team behind Lumvie are not just owners but we are also our own clients. Lumvie was created in response to our desire to create our own on-line courses. While researching ways to do this, we recognized no company offered all we needed in a single place. Some were too expensive, some too complicated, and some were just too generic. Many required a mix of third party apps and services that just made the process too complicated. Entrepreneurs at heart, we decided to develop a platform and set of services where those at any budget, level of technical expertise and marketing experience can create wildly successful online courses. Lumvie provides course creators with full service support including course design, content creation, production support services, sales funnels, payment infrastructures and marketing/launch strategies.

How Lumvie works with you

1) Discovering your transformational story

We will help you discover your transformational story, your superpower and what makes you stand out from your competition.

2) Identifying your ideal client

You must meet the individual needs of the people you are talking to. To influence another human, you must know what already influences them, you need to connect with them and build rapport.

3) Designing your teaching framework

Sometimes people inspire too much but do not teach. Sometimes people get too tactical and their audience becomes overwhelmed or bored. We can teach you the five steps to the magical on-line course dance.

4) Developing your course

This is where the rubber hits the road and we help you develop your detailed, kickass course content including professional video content and copy.

5) Preparing your marketing

Marketing is attracting those you want and repelling those you do not want; remember you only want to attract people who want your superpower.

6) Creating your sales funnels

Your customer purchasing experience is your sales funnels; designing effective landing pages that convert prospects into paying customers is what we do!

7) Launching your course

Let the world know you are coming, launch your course with a bang and give the gift of your knowledge! Educate. Empower. Reward.

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